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Our Inspiration

In the well-known fable The Tortoise and the Hare, the tortoise scores an astounding victory in his race against the far fleeter hare. At the story’s end the reason for the surprising upset is summed up by the moral, “Slow and steady wins the race”. We submit that “slow” had nothing to do with it! Victory was achieved because the tortoise was steady; as in persistent, consistent and perseverant.

Welcome to Thomas Smith and Associates, an equity investment firm that draws its
inspiration from the speed of Aesop’s hare and the steadiness of his determined tortoise. Founded by Thomas Smith, CFA, our firm has successfully focused on steady growth stocks for nearly a decade to effectively manage the equity portfolios of high net worth investors. Throughout some of the most turbulent times in U.S. stock market history it has demonstrated its ability to win the race against the equity markets while forgoing much of the market’s more hare-like volatility. Never has it proven its validity more than during the market free-fall experienced in 2008.

Over the past decade, equity investors have endured two gut-wrenching market declines of historic proportions. Many of these investors are now questioning whether they should bother to invest in stocks at all. Not our clients. Our clients have enjoyed the superior long-term growth that stocks provide, but without much of the volatility. We are able to produce these results through our focus on what we call “steady growth stocks”. We invite you to tour our site and learn about our unique approach to equity investing. Review the theory that supports it and the performance it has achieved. Now is not the time to abandon stocks – it is a time to embrace them through a proven equity investment firm that has found a better way. We look forward to having you join the many satisfied clients of Thomas Smith and Associates.


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